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                                      Randy W. Green, Ph.D.

“Why can’t I decide?”

Sound familiar?  Is this you?

We make hundreds of decisions each day—big ones, small ones—and many occur outside of our awareness. How many of you actually plan to blink your eyes or smile at someone you recognize? Or scratch your head? Or even place one foot in front of the other as you navigate
your way to where you are going? Yet, too often we learn to become choice-phobic.  We just can’t seem to decide!  And the only thing we know for certain is that we are not sure.  This is true whether it’s about something as simple as what to order for dinner, or about matters that contain larger contingencies and affect others such as what car to buy, or whether or not to seek new employment, or, having done so, whether or not to accept a job that was offered.

Become Changeless...

When you consider your fascinations, passions and greatest achievements - things which you know to be extremely pleasing in some way - you enter a state we call, "aesthetic arrest." This is first expressed as a position within your body from which you experience a sense of calm and pervasive well-being; yet powerful awareness that anything is possible!

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...And Change Your Life!

What do people "chained to their problems" often have in common?

Main with Ball and Chain

Indecision. Most people live historically, dumping their unsuccessful pasts in front of them, expressed through the stories they tell themselves and others about what they've done wrong or failed to decide.

What is wrong with that?