Are these the sort of words that go through your head when a professional has diagnosed your child or significant adult for that matter with either ADD or ADHD?:

"Your child is sick...and he will not recover." "There is no cure for his illness, but with proper treatment, we may be able to manage it.”

He might just as well have said:

“Compared with other children his age, your child is inferior and will be judged so for the rest of his life!"

“...All this because you can’t get him to calm down and pay attention?”

Is this what you got out of all the time and expense you've invested in school meetings, testing and a variety of medications that were prescribed?

Are you comfortable with the idea of your child taking prescription medication long-term?

Do you believe that ADD/ADHD is an "illness" from which there is no recovery; only treatment? If not, you might consider an alternative intervention through which you will bond more effectively with your child as you learn the secret behind his fascinations and their effect on “focus” and "learning?"

Are you ready to apply something new in order to achieve powerful results and save time, money, perhaps your voice and most importantly… your child’s self esteem?