Becoming Changeless

It is you at your absolute "best."  From this position, your body and mind are at "rest."  Not a static rest in which you do nothing, but a dynamic rest, in which "updating" or responding to new incoming information sustains the aesthetic form you are holding... indefinitely. In effect, as Dr. Joseph Riggio, architect and developer of The Mythogenic Self™ Process states, "... you learn with precision how to make the choices that support this way of being which, for you, are optimal and timeless... what I often refer to as becoming changeless."                   

In short, like this, you are operating from your center - that singular position from which you live your life true to your self without compromise, both on your own and in connection with others. At your center you are most aware of who you are (at your "best") and who you are becoming (the "theme" or universal myth you are moving toward, through the stories you tell yourself and others at your best). It is the balance point from which you create a perception of the world external to you as well as influence the perceptions of others, rather than allowing the world to dictate - through negative labeling - who you are.

So, becoming changeless affords the opportunity to achieve a knowing beyond words - from within your body - what is most true of you at any given moment! This "excitatory" state in which you are at your best is a highly stable internal position from which you conduct your life as things show up.  Like this, you achieve a sense of clarity; a way of being highly aware, as all your sense are piqued. Therefore, you have access to your full range of stored resources and capabilities. Accordingly, when considering what you want, you can have an experiential realization (within your body - or a "somatic experience") of what you will be like once you already have attained it.