People often ask, "What is different about what you offer people in your practice from what someone else does?" "Isn't all psychotherapy basically the same?"

First of all, what I offer people is not "therapy." That would imply they are ill or otherwise incapable in some fashion. Instead, I offer people a remarkable opportunity to benefit from learning a skill set that enables them to achieve desired outcomes. There's an expression, "Give a man a fish and you've fed him for a day; teach him how, and you've fed him for life!" Psychotherapy is like "giving a man a fish." Bring in a problem, try and fix the problem. This is known as a remedial intervention. In contrast, my work is 'generative': "Teach him how to fish, and you've fed him for life."

The skill set will afford you with a remarkable sense of who you are. It's as if suddenly you are experiencing your life in "HD!" Life is about making decisions-- big ones and small ones. I facilitate people toward the ability they already possess; one in which they are able to move through the world in such a way that because of how they are fundamentally, that is because of the position (literally, within their bodies!) that they hold, they can track for the most important or relevant information in any situation, any circumstance. And as a result, make the best decision available to them.

You see, good decision making at the fundamental level is about acting on sensory data-- visions, sounds feelings-- much more than on elaborate mental activities that require an analysis of the information presented. Rather than weighing risks vs. rewards, benefits vs. costs, upsides vs. downsides, "worst-case" scenarios, what I will facilitate you toward is the ability to notice for what is possible in the environment, rather than what is a problem, and learning to pay attention to subtle cues within your body that result from what you have noticed on the outside, make powerful and rewarding decisions.