Confidentiality Statement

The therapeutic relationship between therapist and client will be considered highly confidential in that nothing we discuss will be communicated to anyone else, without your written permission.
There are certain rare exceptions to that principle of which you need to be aware:

  • (A) Ethical and legal considerations may require the release of some information only if it is determined that you are in immediate and extreme physical danger; or that you are physically dangerous to someone else.
  • (B) When insurance companies are billed and require a diagnosis (which for their purposes is offered only as a "number").
  • (C) When our discussions are pursuant to a legal action in which you are involved and a lawyer and/or court requires some information. In the latter case, you must first sign an "authorization to release information" form. Thus, you will always be aware of what is occurring.
  • (D) In very rare cases, when there is some question of child abuse, Child Protection Services must be contacted by law.