But why should you even consider this venue?  My offices in Hopewell Junction and Chappaqua, New York might be an easy trip for some folks but likely more challenging for most.  So I am offering "Counseling By Phone", a convenient and effective alternative for learning to become powerful, creative and influential in your daily life, without leaving home--no matter where "home" is!  Just look at some of the advantages to phone counseling: 

1- It's Wallet-Friendly- Phone counseling is considerably less expensive than coming into my office. Selecting a $90.00 per session option for example, will save you over 50%! 

2- It Makes Life Easy- "Convenience Counseling" enables you to share your concerns and obtain the benefits of this work from home or anywhere you choose at a time that works best for you. It's private, confidential. No chance of running into someone else leaving the office.

3- You Weather The Storm- No matter what it's doing outside, you never have to miss a session; and you don't have to worry about driving in hazardous conditions.

4-  Enjoy A Comfortable Fit- Counseling by phone affords the opportunity to get the help you want at at time that is compatible with other family activities. No need to rush driving between children's after-school commitments to squeeze in a session; no need to delay meals and other routine family events.

5- Long Distance? No Problem- Those of you who could never receive in-person counseling from me and benefit from the skill set this model generates can now participate through phone counseling.  We will set a time and choice of session that works with your schedule.

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