Below are Frequently Asked Questions about Creative Solutions.

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What are your fees?

Fees vary by types of service. For a complete listing of services and fees, please click here to see the "Schedule an Appointment" page.

How long is a session - In person? By phone? By Email?

All face-to-face consultations, either individual or group, are approximately one hour in length; telephone consultations are thirty minutes. Email Consults will be introduced in the near future.

How many sessions will be required for me to get the outcome(s) I want?

This varies from client to client and the outcomes desired. The methods used by Creative Solutions are not "traditional" though and the amount will be far less.

Will my insurance "cover" your services?

All Consultation Fees are paid at the time services are either rendered or arranged in advance. Your primary contract is with Creative Solutions not your insurance company. However, as a "licensed psychologist", Insurance carriers often reimburse clients for services rendered at Creative Solutions. The amount they will reimburse varies among insurance carriers, as well as by the contract you have with your carrier.

What happens after I sign up for an appointment?

You and I will meet, either in person over the phone, or via e-mail on the specified time and date. My schedule tends to be full, so if you are going to miss or you need to reschedule an appointment, I require 48 hours notice or I will need to charge you for the session.

When charging with my credit card, is it 'secure'?

Yes. All credit card charges are run through a state of the art shopping cart system.

Can I copy a particular article that may interest me from your website?

Unless otherwise specified, yes as long as it remains unchanged, the byline of the author is displayed, any all links within the web site remain intact and there is a link back to the authors' web site.

If I decide to make an appointment with you and want to get off my medication, what should I do?

Please consult with me before changing any course of medication.

Do you treat children or adolescents?


Are you able to help me even if we are not face to face?

Yes. The methodology I use is quite effective, and while being face to face can be useful, it is not necessary in order to have noticeable, effective, and lasting results.