A New Definition

As a practicing professional psychologist I've put my attention on working with children and adults diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and have experienced tremendous success and satisfaction in helping them learn how to work with what others have told them is a disability."

• Perceiving ADD/ADHD as a disease is a modern phenomenon and as much a description as a diagnosis.

• Re-defining the symptomatology of ADD/ADHD as attributes helps you gain a better understanding of the impact they have in your life, or the lives of your loved ones. And it creates options for you to consider that may not have been available to you unitl now.

Let me show you what some of the most innovative, compelling research is beginning to uncover about this elusive and all too often misdiagnosed syndrome today. I promise you as a parent of a child identified with ADD/ADHD (or a parent who thinks her child may have it), once you've been exposed to this information, how you think about ADD/ADHD and what you do about it with your child will change forever.

I know what the benefits and risks of the traditional approaches to ADD/ADHD are -especially when it comes to your child - and I've spent the last fifteen years exploring and using drug free, alternative ways of working with children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, with some spectacular results!

–Randy W. Green, Ph.D., NYS Licensed Psychologist