What if you could get the help you need to make better choices without having to leave home-- and at a drastically reduced cost?

Schedule an appointment --fulfill your needs, today.

I have some exciting news for you! I am offering "Counseling By Phone", an opportunity for you to experience the benefits of a positive, potent and unique decision-making model I apply to your personal issues-- the challenges in your life--without having to leave home! Telephone therapy can help you address depression, anxiety, work-related concerns, marital distress and children's academic and social issues.  And at a significantly reduced price from office visits.

My work differs from that of conventional psychologists in some important ways.

We make many daily decisions about purchases, education, healthcare, marriage and...yes... depression, anxiety and other limitations, too. In the process, we often fail to consider what we truly want or how to get it. Consulting with me, you will learn how to connect your desired outcomes with what you need to be doing to make them happen, and in the process, experience relief from the issues you initially bring. And we can actually do this on the telephone! From research we know that phone counseling is as successful as office work. 

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