ADD/ADHD: A Change Of Focus (Via Mail)

• You will master the ability to make powerful changes in the body chemistry without taking medication.
• The secret of the "center" will be revealed.
• You'll discover how to use that body chemistry to generate changes in experience, when the body is held and operates in a certain way.
• The consensus among those who diagnose children as having ADD/ADHD is that they "do not attend." But is that really true?

What if it's not a question of attending but rather, attending to what that's at issue?

Just consider how these children often play video games for hours, communicate effectively with their peers, skateboard, dance and a variety of other complex tasks. Think of the tremendous focus and concentration they exhibit in the process! How they accomplish these mysterious feats, in view of their otherwise "inattentiveness" may seem contradictory...and yet, is truly magical! 

This CD will begin to unravel that mystery.

It provides beginning insights into the Mythoself® Process, developed by Dr. Joseph Riggio. Here is how this approach differs from using medication:

• What we do in our body affects what we do in our brain.
• This allows us to have more focus and stability

The CD will introduce you to some information that may surprise you. For example:

• Hint # 1: The type of attending you are after first occurs in the body.
• Hint #2: Imagine a way children can learn to generate the same "focus" while attending to school work… without video games!

Diagnosing ADD as a "disorder" or a "disease" places the responsibility squarely within the child, rather than on the education process. And given the reinforcers in education, that way of thinking is not going to change anytime soon.

So what if those kids diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD could become successful by learning to operate from a special place inside and shift their bodies? Doing this will increase their success, build confidence and help them thrive; and in the process, realize there is nothing wrong with them!  Learning at the deepest level that operating "differently" to achieve what is desired does not imply "illness" or "disorder ", they become, in effect, ADD/!

When you listen to this CD, you will begin to understand this shift in focus.

The cost of emotional, physical and financial consequences that are experienced by children diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD and their parents is often high. In contrast, the benefits which may begin to accrue as a result of listening to this CD are incomparable.