Effective Communicator - Entire 16 session series

"The Ultimate Performance Group", become A POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE Communicator

In the Next Eight Weeks Become the Powerful and Effective Communicator You Always Wanted to Be.

Learn the specific skills successful communicators use professionally and personally to get results on their own and with others.


  • You will learn to operate at your best and hold that state through time, regardless of circumstances
  • Find out how your body communicates...silently; and how confidence is about more than you can say!
  • Explore whether you are living in a "universe" of "half-full" or "half-empty" glasses... and how this difference can affect what's in there.
  • Experience how listening on the outside can increase your confidence when speaking.
  • Discover where your voice comes from... and how that makes a difference.
  • You will come to know the "dance" and "rhythm" of those with whom you communicate... and anticipate "what's next."
  • Learn to thread-the-needle - the art of "precision."


Among all interpersonal skills, the ability to clearly and directly communicate with others is the most essential. Dr. Randy W. Green, a New York State Licensed Psychologist, will personally guide each of you to find and use your personal voice. In this unique and intimate facilitated group, you will experience what it is like to both listen and speak with power, precision and confidence.

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In the safety of a confidential environment, you will discover the secrets of communicating effectively...

Learn now why making some shifts in what you do and how you do it can greatly benefit you in your personal relationships and career...

Some more advantages of participating in this group that can generate results for you include:


  • Develop confidence in your speaking ability
  • Advance your career
  • Build your relationships
  • Connect powerfully with family, friends and co-workers


The cost of communicating ineffectively can be high...
By comparison the benefits from participating in this group and becoming a powerful, effective and influential communicator will be priceless!
This eight week experience consists of two ninety (90) minute group sessions per week or sixteen (16) sessions for the entire group program. You will find this to be an intimate group, limited in size to maximize the facilitation of personal guidance to each member.

Professional Fee Structure

Each session paid individually - $100.00 per 90 minute session

All 16 sessions paid in advance - $1280.00 (or $80.00 per session - a 20% savings!)
(Private, Individual Consultations also Available Upon Request)

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