Managing Anger - One Month

So... you get angry often? And a loved one wants it to change... or else? Or maybe you alone decided it's time to change, but were not sure how. One popular venue for that purpose has come to be known as, Anger Management Counseling.

Few people - including the professionals who either recommend or provide it - share a common understanding of exactly what constitutes anger management. However, what everyone would agree upon is the answer to the following question...

In order to manage "anger", what first must be true? Think about this for a moment before scrolling down to the answer...

Ready? What absolutely has to be there first, in order to manage anger is... "anger!"

The fact is, "getting rid of" anger, "getting out" anger, "coping with" anger, "working through" anger... and "managing" anger, all require one thing to be present: Anger!

The paradox, of course is that you cannot, not be angry once you've accessed the state(s) in which "anger" occurs. And to manage anger is to first acknowledge - which means experience - anger, then "try" to have less of it...

So then, what type of intervention would generate a "change" from anger while avoiding this dilemma?

Occasionally, we all express displeasure about something to someone. It's part of being "human." But when situations and events occur that are typically and repeatedly followed by yelling, fist-pounding, object-breaking or other violent displays, it can lead to some very unpleasant consequences.

So, what if you could respond differently? What if you could learn to go some place where anger "is not?"

This place is really not a "place", but a location of mind...somewhere that your senses go to access something else; and a shift within your body that organizes to that same something else. A change in breathing and posture may also be evident.

Here is an opportunity to learn a skill set that could save you time and energy; improve your health and very possibly a significant relationship, where your love life dwells...

Tried "Anger Management?" Now, do something else. Take new action, today!

Register now to hold your place in a group that will offer you a different experience...

Something Else: What Else To Do About Anger

Now, within a safe, intimate, group format, facilitated by Dr. Randy W. Green, a New York State Licensed Psychologist, you can learn a whole new way of being that will benefit you in several ways:


  • You will improve your health when you discover where that Something Else you can easily access it to reduce stress!
  • Uncover the power that Something Else has to improve your personal relationships...and bewilder those who know you otherwise.
  • Learn to go easy on yourself, so others do as well.
  • Save costly time and energy (that previously was "spent" being angry) for more pleasant close encounters.


In just a matter of weeks, you can discover a way of being that will empower you for years to come.

You will be able to generate new results in your life from making a better choice than being angry.

Something Else: What Else To Do About Anger will convene in a group format, twice weekly, (next group begins early Spring, 2007). The group size will be small in order to maximize facilitation to each member. Register early to reserve your place!

Each week, two ninety (90) minute group sessions will be conducted. Attending twice weekly will help you achieve results sooner.

Professional Fee Structure

Each group session paid individually - $100.00

One month's group sessions pre-paid - $640.00 (or $80.00 per session, twice per week - save 20%)

Call Now to Register and Reserve Your Place - 845-226-2356
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