Overview - “Parental Guidance”: A Support Group Experience

“Parental Guidance” is a unique Support Group experience for parents of ADD/ADHD Children.

How would your life be different if you could give your child the gifts of  FOCUS...CONFIDENCE... STABILITY?  What would be possible for your child as a result?

Imagine... your child attending to chores and school as if they were videogames without having to give him CNS Stimulant Medication?  Here's an opportunity to become exposed to what you need in order to make that happen.  In the process, through your participation, you will actually model a way of being for your child, guiding him through an extraordinary journey of "self-discovery" that can generate an enthusiasm for learning!

You can get started today!

Join Parental Guidance: A Parent Modeling Group and:

  • Experience the secret of becoming both flexible, yet, unyielding... "liquid steel!"
  • Learn to demonstrate the power of generating choices, then selecting the best choice from many,
     teaching your child to do so with authority & conviction.
  • Discover - then teach through modeling-- how to access, then radiate confidence from your "center."
  • Reap the benefits of your child shifting in this way while avoiding the danger and unpleasant side-effects of taking drugs.

Dr. Randy W. Green, a NYS Licensed Psychologist, will help you and your child operate more effectively based on some exciting new technology.

The program consists of four, weekly 90-minute meetings.  During this time, you will learn personal skills that will help you generate new results with your child; and by interacting with other group members, you will hone those skills making them-- and you-- even more flexible, and yet powerful! You will become.... "Liquid Steel!" 

NOTE: If your desire is to minimize or eliminate the amount of CNS stimulant medication administered to your child while increasing calm, focused attention, this group is for you!

FEE STRUCTURE: (per person)

Each Weekly Group, 90-Min. Session Paid Individually - $ 100.00

To facilitate supervision of learned skills among members, an intimate group size of 8 to 10 participants will be strictly adhered to - register early!

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