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Discover information most therapists won't (or can't) tell you about attention deficit disorder that can help your child become "ADD/ADHD-free!" from Dr. Green’s Powerful Audio CDs. These are also available for download.

ADD/ADHD: A Change Of Focus (Click for overview)

ADD/ADHD: What You Say...Is What You Get - What it means to become, "ADD/ADHD-free!"(Click for overview)



Convenient teleseminars to view in the comfort of your home or office.

"ADD/ADHD: Expanding the landscape of what works" (Click for overview)


Empowerment Groups

Join an effective and empowering support group designed to help you discover the experience of your life.

"Parental Guidance", a SUPPORT GROUP Experience for Parents of ADD/ADHD Children (Click for overview)

"The Ultimate Performance Group", become A POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE Communicator (Click for overview)

"Managing Anger, Another Choice", So you get angry often? Maybe it's time to CHANGE. (Click for overview)


Strength & Wellness

An important part of overall "wellness" at Creative Solutions is building the physical and emotional strength that helps support your holding the state at which you are your very best.  Here is a link to some products recommended by Dr. Green that can facilitate this objective.  Once you click the link, feel free to order whatever suits your needs, directly from this page.

Joseph Campbell once said, "The gift of a lifetime is being who you are."  Go have the experience of your life!

Dr. Green

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