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Discover information most therapists won't (or can't) tell you about attention deficit disorder that can help your child become "ADD/ADHD-free!" from Dr. Green’s Powerful Audio CDs. These are also available for download.

ADD/ADHD: A Change Of Focus (Click for overview)

ADD/ADHD: What You Say...Is What You Get - What it means to become, "ADD/ADHD-free!"(Click for overview)



Convenient teleseminars to view in the comfort of your home or office.

"ADD/ADHD: Expanding the landscape of what works" (Click for overview)


Empowerment Groups

Join an effective and empowering support group designed to help you discover the experience of your life.

"Parental Guidance", a SUPPORT GROUP Experience for Parents of ADD/ADHD Children (Click for overview)

"The Ultimate Performance Group", become A POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE Communicator (Click for overview)

"Managing Anger, Another Choice", So you get angry often? Maybe it's time to CHANGE. (Click for overview)