What To Expect


Whether you come from the Poughkeepsie area -- or anywhere else in Dutchess County--with a desire to enhance your marriage, help your child calm down, pay attention and improve school grades; become a more effective communicator, a 'peak-performer' at work, develop self-confidence, eliminate depression, anxiety or bouts of panic-- or for any other reason, initially, the focus of our work will surprise and delight you. That focus begins with what you want; not what you don’t want.   

  • So...in order to determine this, you will discover and develop a powerful and unique way of deciding in your favor. 

Rather than being about overcoming problems, our consultations, oriented largely within the framework of a model known as the Mythogenic Self™ Process, developed by Dr. Joseph Riggio, will begin with what works in your life-- what is possible when you are operating from a position of being at your very best.  It is from this "place" that you will be able to decide what you want!

  • After some initial get acquainted time, our consultations will move toward discovering who you are, and how you are at your very best. This is the "shape and form" of your identity when you are beyond all sense of limitation or constraint (i.e., when you are not placing attention on problems). It is when you are having one of those days where you simply cannot "put a wrong foot down", so-to-speak.

We have all had days like this; days when we awaken and the world seems organized in a manner that you could only describe as the "perfect day." Life seems as good as it gets! 

For most people, these days come once-in-the-blue-moon. For example, as you are driving or flying to a vacation spot or when you’re celebrating some unique event or occasion in your life.  The Mythogenic Self™ Process goes beyond waiting and hoping for this kind of day to just "happen." 

  • Instead, through our consultations, you will learn how you are on days like this, on the 'perfect days', so you can recreate them and have them whenever you choose; anywhere, anytime, with anyone-- or even with no one at all-- regardless of the circumstances.  I will teach you to access this potent resource you already possess!

What makes this process so powerful is the way you learn to organize yourself (i.e., the form you hold within your body and things you tell yourself and others) in order to make decisions- both the critical and the mundane.

  • Rather than organizing in regard to some external data or consideration of "the facts", which may often be incomplete or missing entirely, you will learn to organize your response by attending to the subtle signals you get on the inside based on years of experience... sometimes despite "the facts."

In working together with me, you will become skilled at recognizing these signals that surround making exquisite decisions immediately and without question; signals from which you build the trust to act confidently in your own best interest and the best interests of others as well. And making decisions by paying attention in this way becomes the foundation for knowing what you want, 

Some people call this, "intuition", but in reality, it's a process you will learn through our consultations. As part of this process, you will greatly benefit from knowing how to draw upon years of personal experience. This is really a matter of learning how to tune into the deep "knowing" that you already possess and to remain open to the signals in your body and mind that are present during the decision-making process. Most of all, it’s about learning NOT to override these signals and your own good sense...otherwise known as, "second-guessing." 

How is this different from traditional models of "therapy?"